OSP - Outside Plant

Phedcomm has the capacity for doing upgrades, maintenance, repair, all the way to entirely new systems. Our experienced staff and top notch equipment can handle your projects wherever they are located.

  • Pole Installation
  • Pole Transfers
  • Cable De-Lash
  • Cable Re-Lash
  • Strand Placement
  • Cable Placement

Phedcomm has the experience and equipment to handle any type of underground construction project you may have, large or small, rural or metropolitan environment.

  • Trenching - Single Trenching, Multi Unit Joint Trenching
  • Plowing - Urban & Rural Plowing, Mainline & Drops
  • Trench-less Technology - Horizontal Directional Drilling, Casing, Dry Boxes
  • Cable Pulling/Blowing - Fiber & Copper, Power, Coax
  • Conduit Placing/Pulling

Project Management

Phedcomm has knowledgeable management and quality control teams in place for the benefit of their customers. All projects have a pre construction review by a construction supervisor, which includes locates, job ride-out, checking prints for accuracy and problem solving. Any discrepancies or changes needed are relayed to the project manager immediately.


Fiber to Anywhere Technology (FTTX) is being used by more and more service providers because of the great voice, video and data bundling capabilities of fiber. Phedcomm has become an industry leader in the installation of FTTX.  Direct Burial Installation, Duct Installation, Aerial Installations

Cable Reclamation

At Phedcomm we pride ourselves with an 90% success rate in removal of existing cable in duct whether it's to make room for new or future facilities.

Manhole Systems

Many people never notice the numerous manholes on sidewalks and streets, but those manholes serve as entryways to the nation's extensive underground infrastructure. At Phedcomm we possess the skills to maintain repair and erect Manholes in a new or an existing system, whether it be pre-cast, panel/cast in place, special structures including multi-duct work. We are also able to install hand holes and boxes.

24/7 Maintenance & Support

At Phedcomm 24/7 Maintenance & Support is a quality we pride ourselves in. We have a reputation of superior service and have become a leader in maintenance by consistently providing our customers with reliable service, quality work and competitive pricing when you need it. We are here for you when you need us, when you're open or when you're closed.

Design/Build & Design/Assist

At Phedcomm we have Bicsi registered RCDD's to design your project or review existing design for compliance with current codes and specs.  You can have us build your project or we can assist in the construction to make sure work is being completed as designed based on current codes and specs. 

Structured Cabling

Phedcomm can install all you premises cabling from copper, fiber and wireless.  With our experience in the field and education in the class room we are more than capable of handling any project.  Small or Large.

Fiber Optic

Phedcomm has experienced employees in the field of fiber optics.  Educated in fusion splicing of ribbon fiber as well as single mode and multi mode fibers.  Also termination of hot melt and unicam connectors.  We can install, terminate and test all types of fiber.  We have all the latest equipment for testing and certification of fiber.

Communication Pathways

Cable tray, Wire mold and Conduit layout and installation

Network System Design

Phone Systems

Video Security Systems

Send us an Email or give us a call about any of the services we provide.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have or schedule an appointment to talk with you about any of your needs. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you on your next project.